The last blog 
Friends, patients and followers,

I would like to thank you all for helping to shape me into whom I have become….the healer you know.

I offer abundant thanks for your support, patience, and understanding in accepting the philosophy of homeopathy. And in appreciating my advice for treatment, we went together on a long path of healing which often developed into deep connection and friendship. You made me feel useful while accepting me as your advisor.

I have so little energy now. I have withdrawn to a place of quiet as I gather my spirit to move on to a greater path.

Today is a clear last day of March, the day before Easter, the happy day of Resurrection. The spirit of Easter is felt in my garden and in my heart. All ancient beliefs resurrect in spring, the everlasting thought of returning, coming and going.No matter what belief system you may belong to, it will always connect to the highest consciousness there is, the god energy that is truth. For guidance and strength to create our future, this Easter we look for that consciousness. 

I am sorry that I did not introduce you to another healer and homeopath to follow up with your needs. But as you discovered on this path of healing, you will have to look for it and find it yourself. You may want to reach out to the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) to find a classical homeopath near you or phone: 856.437.4752. Or you can contact Professor George Vithoulkas, our most reputable classical homeopath, at the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy in Greece or phone +30 2424 065142.

My thoughts are with you, my care and my love. 

My foundation, The Kailash Foundation of NY, is still in existence, and my goals will always remain: to help to heal all sentient beings with homeopathy, and to help the children and the people of Tibet. 

Should you like to learn more about me and my life, my book “Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim” is now available in a Kindle version through Amazon: as well as the Apple iBook, with story, photos and videos:

All sales will go to The Kailash Foundation.

With all my love and affection, I wish you well and a happy, healthy, and peaceful future. 

Love, Sylvia


It is a year of great changes. We take our chances and wonder about the outcome during these times of transition, hoping for a positive transformation.

I have decided to leave Manhattan and to give up my home of 40 years in Turtle Bay Towers, at 310 East 46th Street, where I have had my homeopathic practice since 1985, and have held fundraising events for my Kailash Foundation projects, and where I have received patients, guests, and friends from all over the world. Great times of celebration, as well as times of grief have occurred here. I celebrated positive results through homeopathy for my patients, the teachings from master teachers from many countries over the years, accomplishments with my foundation, and also grief over the death of friends, husbands, cats and the loss of friends.

By June first I will no longer be at this address, which served me so well as a beautiful, supportive home and office.

Now it is time to move on, to leave the city and live in nature, in my comfortable and very quiet home upstate New York, where you are ALL welcome to visit. (In fact, I don’t think I would be happy for long, if you didn’t come to visit!)

My address is 537 Depot Hill Road, Poughquag, NY 12570. Phone 1-845-724-5031.
(My NYC phone number, 1-212-972-1508 will be forwarded to my cell phone as of June 1.)
This move comes with a sense of departure to a new chapter of my life — a new beginning and unexplored ways of how to live. Also, with some relief to finally live in one place only — the countryside — to improve my health.

I will certainly continue my work with all who want to follow me, by creating a bridge using Skype, phone, Facetime, and email to continue our connections. Eventually I will find a suitable location in Manhattan to visit once a month. I will also visit friends and see patients who prefer personal visits. And your visits to my home and garden may become a delight for you in the warm summer months! You are always welcome. I will keep you informed.
Humbly, I ask for your understanding of my decision. Oh, yes… I am also getting older.

Thank you for your loyalty and generous support all these years. I will always be available to you if you reach out to me.

With love and an open heart that all goes well, Sylvia

Watching the seeds grow

This was a summer of many events…. and I finally received my driver’s license!
Time rushed by faster than other years I recall. Did you feel this also?
I participated at four seminars of classical homeopathy at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on the island of Alonissos. Not much has changed on this rather traditional island over the 32 years that I have been coming here to study some of the most challenging cases that no one had been able to cure, with Professor George Vithoulkas.
I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world during these two months. In the first group seminar I attended were Italian and Greek students, followed by two sets of Russian and Ukrainian students, and in the final were Portuguese and Brazilian students.
I’ve lost count of the other nationalities that were also present from all over Europe, India, Africa, Mexico and South America. Most participants are medical doctors and medical specialists who now wish to add the healing methods of homeopathy to their services, but also nurses and midwives, health practitioners, veterinarians, and psychoanalysts were present.
At the end of each seminar, the group celebrated with a traditional dinner under the star-studded sky in the warm summer air, with dances, music and special songs and performances. I was particularly blown away by the Indians, who looked as professional as Bollywood dancers. (I know where Michael Jackson took some of his choreography ideas from…or was it the other way around?) During the class I would not have imagined that these serious students would loosen up so much when it came to rhythm and dance!!
It was great to see that the Academy evolved so well since its beginning in 1995/1996  until now! When I first came to Alonissos to learn from Prof. Vithoulkas in 1984, we were then 78 devoted students, sitting on small school benches at the local school— without air conditioning and it was HOT! The next year we were in a workshop where boats are built. Some women fainted from the heat!
And so it progressed, until it became more and more clear that these teachings would continue, and more people would come, eager to learn from the master, no matter what the conditions. Finally, Vithoulkas realized that this was his call. Besides the fact that he got tired of travelling around the world to teach, it was his hope to mostly remain on the peaceful, beautiful island of Alonissos and only teach there. But it took years before that wish was fulfilled. Even after the Academy was built, the desire to manifest the practice of homeopathy in as many countries as possible forced him to move around the continents.
With the help of some passionate individuals like me, eventually the seed was planted to build the Academy. And it is an outstanding pleasure to watch this seed blossom, grow and unfold.
Now, each year more students come from all over the world and find a beautiful home to study in the monastery-like architecture of the Academy building with AC, comfortable tables and chairs, and with all the latest technology for online teaching, computer Repertories and videos. It is almost too small now for the ever-growing groups of students arriving between May and October.
The spreading of homeopathy can no longer be stopped! 
With good food and wine, ideas get stimulated and eventually can grow into reality.
Twenty years ago I sat in Vithoulkas’s home in the kitchen with David, my late husband, and Prof. Vithoulkas, relaxing from the teachings of the day. We shared a delicious meal that his wife Tati, an excellent cook, had prepared for us in her loving, caring way. It was a very special treat. It was 1996, the first year that a Russian group of 68 (?) doctors came to the Academy to study. Over dinner we discussed possibilities of how to help this group to continue their studies when back home in their country. At that time most of the students could barely afford the long trip and travel expenses. We realized that classroom spaces were needed, as well as technical equipment to show the Vithoulkas video case takings and teachings.
With David’s encouragement, I decided to find sponsors through my foundation to establish this first step. Returning home to New York, I set to work and am grateful to say that we were able to accomplish this initial plan. Now, so many years later, I attended the seminar for the Russian and Ukrainian group, which has grown to 200 members of quite accomplished homeopaths.
The most outstanding event was the celebration of their teacher by these devoted students.
An honorable professorship and chair for homeopathy at the University of Chuvash Republic was given to Professor Vithoulkas by the authorities of the University, for his great contributions to establish homeopathy in Russia. They had offered him these honors last year, but the Professor was too busy and tired to travel. So they came now to Alonissos, six female leading doctors from the University to officially endow him with his new title and membership. They granted the honors at the Academy with all the pomp they would have done in Russia. (If Moses does not come to the mountain, the mountain comes to Moses. Isn’t that a saying?) Dressed in full regalia, with top hats and symbols and long coats, they honored Prof. Vithoulkas. Speeches were given by international doctors who flew in for the occasion, national songs were sung in Russian, Greek and English. I was floored. It was all so moving and impressive. And very loving and respectful!
I was so proud to be there and see the official acceptance and declaration of his mastership—this man who fought so persistently for the promotion of classical homeopathy and the spreading of the study and use of the most beneficial and safe medicine by its founder Samuel Hahnemann (1750-1843).

Here is a short video of the nomination of Prof. Vithoulkas as Honorary Professor of “The State Medical University of Chuvash Republic,” Russia

I loved seeing the emotional side of the Russian people, which seems to me to be only alive in their great literature….or on those most beautiful Vogue models, who are conquering the fashion runway floors with their beauty and generous humanitarian causes. (Don’t think I am only interested in homeopathy.) 

I am so grateful to be part of this powerful movement of establishing homeopathy to its rightful place. And to see the fruits ripening from seeds that were spread around the dining table.

For those of you who are interested, this is a 45 minute video with Prof. Vithoulkas with in depth discussion about “The Art of Healing,” and the Academy, made by a well known Russian filmmaker.
All with love,

My fall recipe is a tea or juice that you can drink hot or cold, with all alkaline ingredients to cleanse your lymphatic system and protect you from colds!


One large red onion, a piece of ginger, 2 lemons, and a clove of garlic.

Extract the juice of the lemon and set it aside.

Peel and cut up all pieces and put them in a medium large pot.

Cover with plenty of good water.

Bring it slowly to a boil and let it simmer for another 15 minutes.

Let it cool off for a moment.

Then pour all juice into a pitcher, add the lemon juice, and drink a small glass 3x daily.

It will help your digestion and any cold that may creep up into your throat or bones.

You can adjust the amount of the individual pieces to your taste; also double up on the ingredients to store the juice in the fridge for a few days.

To your health!

Summer : Hot, Holy and Holidays

It is summer, with all of its richness and abundance… both the good and the ugly, the extreme heat and smells in the city, the wonderful food and drinks, and the fiery politics. Some of us are celebrating the external summer world, entertaining with friends, beach parties, walking in the sunshine, relaxing with refreshing lemon iced tea or a tequila with a salty curve on the glass.

Summer delights from my vegetable garden
Summer delights from my vegetable garden

Others celebrate the “internal” world during these holy days of June and July: Saga Dawa in Buddhist tradition and Ramadan in Islam, where the month of July is filled with prayers to Allah, with rituals and strict rules for diet and daily conduct to purify body and mind…or one may retreat into one’s own world, into stillness and quiet, away from the year-long stressful expectations that we, or others, place upon us.

How about a relaxing walk on a mild summer night? I recall childhood holidays in Germany when my grandmother took me for the first time to the North Sea, to the island of Borkum. The huge body of water with its unforgiving high waves was scary, challenging, and astonishing to my 11-year-old eyes and body.
I don’t remember what excited me more: the performance of a magician who let a bird suddenly appear out of his sleeve and fly away to only appear again under his top hat when he bowed to us, or the ever-changing ebb and flow of the sea. Later she took me and my sister Monika to Italy and to the French Riviera where we learned of the different languages, foods like Italian ices, pastas, crèpes suzettes and croissants, and the temperaments of the people — so different than our traditional stiff upbringing.
Grandmother made sure we learned about the architectural styles and artists of each country so that we would return home better educated to our disagreeable father…who saw us as spoiled brats, no longer fitting into our simple environment. And he may have been right, because each time these travels were an unforgettable adventure, and the life at home now seemed too small. Dreaming about places around the globe continued to intrigue my fantasies.

Those travels were filled with new friends who became pen pals for years after…a first kiss from my French beau, and a night of dancing in Italy in my new stylish dress. Now grandmother was scared as she saw me growing up faster than even I was aware of in my still childlike heart. My curiosity about the human conditions and lifestyles became the inspiration for my travels to different continents in later years (as you can read in my digital book: Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim with my photos, videos and tea recipes).

Today, a lifetime apart, my desires shift. No more exotic food or drinks, but juicing and fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit from my own garden. The holiday week upstate became a balancing meditative time. In the stillness of the days at home I reflected on my life’s work. During my initial restlessness I felt guilty about not being able to do as much as I am used to, but eventually sinking into a quiet state, I observed where my thoughts wandered, and allowed myself to not always expect to do something busy, but to just be still. Take it easy, don’t worry, be happy.

Twenty years ago I went into a six-week Buddhist retreat at my spiritual teacher’s monastery in India. I recall his instructions for my silent retreat, when his powerful eyes looking through me immediately started a transformation of my mind, as if restructuring my brain waves. The deep resulting experiences I will never forget and I will always be grateful for having met such a master. His transmissions and teachings are still settling within me, and I continue to grow from them. In quiet moments for a lifetime.

Visiting my Spiritual Teacher H.H. Mindrolling Trichen in India
Visiting my Spiritual Teacher H.H. Mindrolling
Trichen in India

“Saga Dawa,” the month of merits is, for the Tibetan Buddhist, a religious festival from June 7 till July 5. July 6th is the birthday of H.H. the Dalai Lama, and it is the most auspicious time for meritorious actions. During this period the merits of worthy acts are multiplied 100,000 times. The full moon day on June 21st is the most important. It is the day to celebrate the birth, awakening, and death of Buddha. Large groups of monks, nuns and religious people make collective offerings, an arrangement of fruits, food, biscuits, drinks, flowers, as beautifully arranged as possible. Hundreds of devotional butter lamps are lit. These will be offered to the imaginative holy beings, to please them and visualize their enjoyment. The accumulation of collective karma also accumulates a great deal of merit — positive energy — the cause of good fortune. After the ceremony the offerings will be distributed to the monks and community.

During this holy month, daily prayers based on loving compassion and kindness, are made for all sentient beings for the release of their suffering and accomplishments of their cherished desires. The wish to erase suffering for all beings coming from the hearts of thousands of devoted people will cleanse the planet from negativities and poisons. The same is celebrated during many holy days of all religions. All thrive to connect with the Divine, the higher state of awareness that will lead us to enlightenment.

Holy days are for the purification of the soul. The spiritual “bath” is to release our desires, greed, jealousy, anger and negative emotions. Our grief and suffering will diminish from such a heartfelt confrontation and show how it is all a state of our own mind. In the community of prayer and devotional activity, you find detachment from your ego.

I always loved that when I did a retreat in a Buddhist monastery or nunnery there was time planned in the intense schedule for a tea break. Before the mind gets too tired, huge teakettles are brought around to splash the Milk Tea into each bowl handed to the two younger monks who carry the heavy metal pots.
During my six-week silent retreat in India at a nunnery, I was looking forward to the breaks after each meditation session, and to the various tea flavors I had prepared before hand.
For the morning, heavy black Assam as a wake up tea; during lunch, Green Tea for good assimilation; afternoon, famous delicate Darjeeling Tea; evening, Hibiscus or Passion Fruit Tea for relaxation. My mind needed to be stilled after hours of mantra repetition and visualization.

All teas had their effect on my meditations. Their intensity and flavor affected my mood, wellbeing and concentration.
In fact, this is how tea was discovered: legend tells that a leaf fell into the steaming hot water bowl of the Chinese Emperor Chen Nung while he sat meditating under the tree Camellia Sinensis, five thousand years ago in 2737 BC. What began as a medicine grew into a popular beverage, becoming an entirely Chinese affair, surely sent by spiritual energy as a precious gift from heaven.

How it developed from there you can read in my tea book, with many healing tea recipes.
Tea recipe for a hot summer evening: Moroccan-style Mint Tea

(For two large cups)
Into a small pot of water, place a handful of fresh peppermint leaves, a few grains of cardamom and two teaspoons of Assam Tea. Stir, and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, turn down heat to low and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let it sit for another 5 minutes.
Pour through a strainer into your cup and enjoy the rich flavor of this Moroccan- style Mint Tea.

When your body feels hot, it is helpful to adjust by drinking a hot tea rather than ice cold drinks, which will shock your system — following the motto in homeopathy: Like Cures Like! But this tea is also delicious if you let it cool off.

Prof. George Vithoulkas, my Homeopathy Master and friend of 32 years
Prof. George Vithoulkas, my Homeopathy Master
and friend of 32 years

Happy birthday July 25, Dear Professor George Vithoulkas and many more!!!
We adore you and we need you to establish homeopathy in the whole world!
The best and most concentrated summer teachings are held by Prof. Vithoulkas at the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy for students from all over the world. Annual summer teachings May-October are the hottest teachings on the most glorious island in the Aegean Sea…which may become your most profound holiday experience. Visit

To the brim, with loving thoughts to all of you during this hot summer night in July 
—with my glass of hot Mint Tea.
Your tea whisperer,

P.S. if you are in upstate New York in Dutchess County on Monday, July 18th,
you may like to join an insightful two-hour teaching I am giving about Homeopathy. My talk will be “WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY? — Its History and Philosophy.”
The Beekman Library, 6.30pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please sign up for my mailing list!
My book Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim is available for your iPad!


is the fundamental result of a cure achieved with homeopathic remedies, when they are well chosen by a trained practitioner.

FREEDOM of SPEECH results from a healthy state of mind.
Words can be like a mathematical formula that builds or destroys.
When used with respect, compassion, and coming from the heart, truthful words create waves of good energy, which can heal and rebuild a troubled world.
But when coming from a sick state of health—where mind and heart are full of ego, greed, ignorance and rage—words can lead to devastation.

There is no fear when the mind is clear. The power of a healthy mind is godlike, and
the spirit glows with beauty, light and love. Decisions for yourself and others emerge easily when the mind is balanced. So…why is it so hard to be in that positive state of mind?

Pollution of the senses and the environment by media, chemistry, food—and by a society run by a business world based on material wellbeing rather than spirit—are causes for an imbalanced state of body and mind.

Spirit guides us; and the external world reflects our spirit. The body is a shell, a shadow influenced by the spirit world. We can change the blueprint of our existence due to the fact that we have freedom of mind guided by our spirit. We have the ability to reach the highest level of understanding, which is LOVE. Let your spirit be an exuberant being of light, love, and truth!

To all light beings, and to all new growth and regeneration: HAPPY SPRING!

Portrait of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 1755 - 1843
Portrait of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
1755 – 1843

This month we celebrate the healing art and science of homeopathy!

The great healer, scientist and mystic, the inventor of homeopathy, Doctor Samuel Hahnemann, was born in Meissen, Saxony, Germany on April 10, 1755 and died in Paris, France, on July 2, 1843.

He was the son of the porcelain painter and artist Gottfried Hahnemann and his second wife Johanna Christiane Spiess. A difficult childhood formed his strong character. The devastation of the seven-year-long war in 1756 by Emperor Frederick the Great led the well-to-do family in Meissen to financial despair. Young Samuel was educated in a strict, disciplinarian way by his father, as they no longer had the means to send him to school. This set the foundation for his self-disciplined studies and independent thought, which later in life brought him to develop the most advanced methods of healing. With persistence, he dedicated his life to healing and overcame prejudice to his radical concepts and his profound understanding of human nature.

The medical disciplines of the time were bloodletting and leeches, and pure poisons like mercury, sulfur and arsenic that promised to cure the disease, but not necessarily cure the patient. As today, the side effects of the medicines were endless and dangerous.

Dr. Hahnemann's original Remedy Case
Dr. Hahnemann’s original Remedy Case

Hahnemann’s concept of healing the totality of symptoms—mental, emotional and physical—was seemingly impossible to his colleagues. His goal was to heal gently and steadily, toward eliminating disease on all levels. In 1790 he wrote the “ORGANON,” still considered the bible of homeopathy, with explanations of all stages of healing with the astonishing remedies of his invention.
This friendly medicine of homeopathy, without side effects, is now 200 years old, and waiting to be used worldwide. Having been used by the royal family of England as well as sophisticated and famous patients who understand the principles, as well as by the very poor in India, today homeopathy is accessible to all.

In the US, this scientific method of healing with the philosophy based on the rule of “LIKE CURES LIKE” and its medicines/remedies, was already well established around the turn of the 20th century.

Dr James Tyler Kent and Sister Chicago, USA , 1910
Dr James Tyler Kent and Sister
Chicago, USA , 1910

Dr. James Tyler Kent in Chicago, whose repertory is as useful today as it was then, and Constantine Herring, a former student of Hahnemann’s in Philadelphia, are among those who helped to establish official teachings. More than a third of all hospitals used homeopathic healing, and several universities had a chair for homeopathy. Until….the discovery of penicillin which was taking over all medical practices. This quick fix, which did not need a lot of diagnostic tools, was easier to administer and achieved convincing cures. The detailed case-taking to find the correct homeopathic remedy was often too time consuming for traditional practitioners. Penicillin was the discovery of the century! It overwhelmed medical thinking and turned the focus to a different direction: to cure the disease rather than the patient. This was the opposite of homeopathy’s goal, where the vital force of each patient is the focus—to stimulate one’s own healing abilities and to create a strong defense mechanism, while, at the same time, controlling the symptoms of dis-ease.
By the 1920s, penicillin had conquered the market, as a new philosophy and attitude for healing diseases took over. Gradually, one by one, the chairs of homeopathy closed down. Homeopathy was abandoned and ridiculed by the medical profession and the legal health system.

Times have changed. This is a time where, despite efforts to suppress the practice of this healing method, it has become clear that the need is greater than ever. It has become known that the suppressive functions of allopathic medicine can have dangerous side effects and that there are limitations to the cures.
King Solomon said: for each ailment there grows a plant to heal.
To create a complementary healing system, where all valuable methods can be integrated, should be the necessary foundation when offering a way to good health!


Clean out your body and your closets for Spring!

Start your morning with the juice of two freshly squeezed lemons or limes, and drink undiluted.
Brush your teeth right after, to protect the lacquer of your teeth. But it surely will help to clean your colon!
After 30 minutes, drink a small glass of freshly juiced kale, carrots and apple, to continue to alkaline your system.

The spring tea:
Boil a few leaves of fresh mint, add a teaspoon of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and brown candied rock sugar or honey.

Enjoy the mild spring rain, the scent of the grass, and the chirping of young birds.

With love,

Your tea whisperer

Connecting from the Heart

LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, and TRUTH are the foundation for a world that enjoys a peaceful holiday season in all religions.

“ETHICS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN RELIGION” was the theme of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in an interview on German television this summer. Historically, in the name of religion, so much violence has been done…. misused for political and material advancement. Therefore, he talks of a secular ethic, which also speaks to agnostics and atheists. Human elemental spirituality is more important than religion. I believe that the desire for love, compassion and goodness is in all of us, independent of religion.

We cannot live without fully realized inner values and ethics. I believe that the ultimate core of mankind is faith in the goodness of all. It is from where we draw strength to survive brutalities, created by man, and it is subdued by the power of trust — and belief in the good of all. As individuals or as a society, we have the power of transformation because of this seed of love.

During this holiday season of all religions, I would like to celebrate with thoughts of praying for all suppressed nations, refugees, homeless, and all of our neighbors who are suffering, no matter how distant or different their lives and cultures may be. We are all one mankind.

Inhale the loving white light, and all the pains, tears and suffering around us in one deep breath, then exhale and visualize golden light filling all space, covering all beings in a brilliant ray of peaceful rainbow-colored light, the energy full of love and compassion. Hold this image for a moment and visualize world peace.

I am thinking of my friends in Tibet who have been enduring political suppression and loss of their culture and identity since 1949, but are still hoping to be under self rule one day again. The world is watching — yet nothing has happened to help. No matter how powerful are the forces to suppress them, their love for H.H. the Dalai Lama keeps them alive.

The fundraising events I created for the last 20 years were like a drop of water on a hot stone. But they helped to manifest places for many refugees, orphans and old people coming from Tibet, Nepal or India. The proceeds from your buying gifts and artifacts from my collections created meaningful change in many lives.
Now I am suggesting the purchase of my book for the same purpose, as an opportunity to once more help me to raise funds for Kailash Foundation of New York. The orphans are growing up and new ones are coming who need to be fed and to study so that they will have a full future.
Chapter 9 Tibet 15
“TEA AND TRAVELS: LIFE FILLED TO THE BRIM” is my digital Apple iBook, which includes much more than unusual tea recipes for healing and pleasure from all over the world. It also tells stories from my life—from childhood after WWII in Germany, till today in New York City— dramatized with many videos and photos from the places I visited and the unusual people I met. Each chapter describes another part of the world and a significant part of my life.

You can order it here:
For more information about the Kailash Foundation, you can view the website.
Make someone happy with this entertaining gift.
And remember the value of your contribution.

Another book I highly recommend is written by the oldest brother of H.H. the Dalai Lama, Gyalo Thondup. It describes His Holiness’s life from birth until he had to flee his country at the time of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, as seen through the eyes of his brother. Thondup is not a monk, but he became a freedom fighter and hero, supported by the people of Tibet. At times supported by the CIA, but also betrayed again and again by the promises of the governments he asked for help. A controversial figure in the eyes of Buddhism, he was a courageous, and powerful man. Never before told stories shed light on the political background of what happened to Tibet, a country that was hidden from the eyes of the world for centuries.
“THE NOODLE MAKER OF KALIMPONG”, (Public Affairs, a member of the Perseus Books Group). Available at Amazon or major bookstores.

Gyalo Thondup
This book is a must for all my patients. It will help you to understand your own healing process with the necessary knowledge to follow the process of healing. And to understand what it means in Homeopathy to be healthy. Wellbeing on mental, emotional, and physical levels, is what we like to achieve with Homeopathy…
not just the absence of symptoms. This insightful explanation on the principles of Homeopathy, was written by my teacher and friend Prof. George Vithoulkas, the alternative Nobel prize winner of 1996, who elevated the science of Homeopathy to its rightful place through his global teachings and advanced theories.

Please go to his website and see if you would like to join some of the most informative classes in the upcoming teaching seminars in 2016.
And order this book to understand for yourself and your family members the treatment and healing benefits of Homeopathy. You will be more informed and in charge of your healing! Embrace it with gratitude and believe! The Basic Principles of Homeopathy,” available as an iBook through iTunes or Amazon, or in the Kindle edition via Amazon.


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season with lots of joy and happiness in 2016!

Your Tea Whisperer, With love,

While reading this or in holiday celebrations, in quiet and in spirited times, enjoy a delicious cup of invigorating Tea, especially for cold winter nights.

Indian Spice Tea is splendid as a dessert (without the calories of a rich creamy pastry). It also helps digestion after a rich meal. Fill a large pot with half water / half milk, according to the number of servings. Sprinkle a handful of dark ASSAM tea, (one spoon per cup) into the water. Take plenty of cardamom seeds and clover, crush them in a bowl with a stick, and add them to the pot of Assam tea. Stir and bring slowly to a boil.
After slowly simmering the tea blend on low heat for 15 minutes, cut up a slice of freshly peeled ginger, and press it’s juice into the tea mixture. (The flavor becomes richer when you let it steep for awhile after boiling.)
If you would like it as a dessert drink you may add vanilla sticks, or break up some cinnamon sticks and boil them with the tea.

Autumn Blog: The Year of Meaningful Anniversaries

This year is, for me, the “year of anniversaries,” and cycles of completion. Now I will launch new cycles in the continuum.

It is the 20th anniversary of my foundation, the Kailash Foundation of New York, established to support Tibetan culture and the survival of their people, as well as for the promotion and education of Homeopathy.

It also is the 20th anniversary of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on the island of Alonissos, Greece—a milestone in the history of Homeopathy.
For those of you who would like to learn more about the principles of the valuable and important art and medicine of Homeopathy in a comprehensive version, I highly recommend the latest book by Prof. George Vithoulkas, “The Basic Principles of Homeopathy,” available as an iBook through iTunes or Amazon, or in the Kindle edition via Amazon.

And it is also the 10th anniversary of the transformation into the rainbow body of my beloved husband Rinchen Repa, his worldly name David Kirby.
During my birthday month of September my thoughts are flying to my late companion who was supportive and extremely generous to me and to my foundation. He made me happy on my birthdays with surprise parties and gifts that only a child could dream of. His generous soul and devoted Buddhist mind will live on forever in the talented expressions of his songs and music, his spontaneously created art work, his charismatic charm filled with laughter and witty wisdom, truthfulness and compassion. We all love you, David!

David & Sylvia
David & Sylvia

David’s life is a clear example that one can achieve anything if there is commitment and a focused mind.

From a rhythm and blues musician….to a tantric yogi and lama of the highest degree, with years of solitary retreats in caves and monasteries in Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal…. to a life in New York City as an accomplished teacher of the Buddha dharma…. he was always willing to share his wide range of life experiences with anyone, whether they were close associates, friends, patients, the dry cleaner or the shoe repair guy.

David's fire puja. A fire puja is a powerful method in Buddhist meditation and rituals to remove obstacles in someones life or in the world, it is dedicated to the protection and welfare of all sentient beings.
David’s fire puja. A fire puja is a powerful method in Buddhist meditation and rituals to remove obstacles in someones life or in the world, it is dedicated to the protection and welfare of all sentient beings.

His rich, extraordinary life kept unfolding, even after his death in 2005, when I read about him in a book of Ayurvedic medicine. It was an incredible story about how he survived the actual poisoning that he survived in a very remote mountain village in Nepal. David spent three months in a secluded cave, high up in the snowed-in mountains in solitary retreat where he was purifying his mind and body with Buddhist prayer and rituals in deep meditation. He was living only on tsampa, buckwheat flower, butter tea and “tschulin” pills. (These special small, brown, hard pills are created by monks in the style of Tibetan medicine, empowered and blessed with prayers during the process of making them. They contain many minerals and vitamins that support the life force, while they are simultaneously healing and removing toxicity. They are a life sustaining substance one can live on for a long time.)
When at last coming down from the mountain after completing his retreat, his long hair and frozen beard from the icy cold nights blowing in the wind, his body surrounded by the powerful aura of the intensity, David must have been glowing from his enlightened mind.

The villagers in this remote area believed that if they drank the blood of an enlightened being they would benefit from its power and purity and would ensure them long life. The year was 1985….hard to believe.

David requested a mountain tea in the first village he reached. Word spread quickly about this holy man. The owner of the tea salon did not hesitate, and served David the tea with poisonous elixir! Shortly after the first cup David collapsed into unconsciousness. But it was not yet his time to go! A tourist mountain climber found him sliding off his chair in that tea stall, carried him to a hospital where the doctors knew of the poison and gave him the antidote. He did recover, but the traces of poison damaged his heart valve. Eventually he suffered from a heart condition that led to his premature death twenty years later.

My great grandparents portraits looking down on David's daily teapot in our kitchen
My great grandparents portraits looking down on David’s daily teapot in our kitchen

David remained a great tea lover to the end, and never a day passed without his favorite huge mug of Assam tea!

Therefore my tea recipe for today is:
Assam Mountain Tea
Crush a few leaves of coriander, some slices of ginger, a large spoonful of Assam tea and bring to a boil in a pot.
Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the cup.
Let it steep for a few minutes… and you have your “wake up tea.”

David had told this unusual story many times… but can you imagine my surprise when I read the story a few years later in the book— TIBETAN AYURVEDA, Health Secrets from the Roof of the World, by Robert Sachs, page 129.

There was another time when David thought that he was dying of poisoning from fresh oysters we had just indulged in at a very fancy restaurant when on vacation in Paris. A few hours after dinner in the middle of the night he felt the effects. I rushed to the nearest open pharmacy and purchased the homeopathic remedy
LYCOPODIUM, Club Moss, one of the oldest ferns on the planet. And the number one remedy for fish poisoning, especially oysters. Less than two hours later, after taking the remedy, he wanted to go out for some ice cream… after having just recovered from deadly nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting! It was a great, convincing compliment to the powerful healing abilities of the correct homeopathic remedy. So relieved, I was happy to sit with him in the middle of the night at a Paris café, eating a delicious bowl of ice cream without worries.

For meat poisoning the remedy is: ARSENICUM ALBUM, Arsenious Acid.
But there is always more than one remedy possible for any symptom in our Repertory. Always consult with your homeopath for the perfect choice of the Similimum in each case!

Life is moving forward quickly. Fall is coming. Inhale the crisp air and be aware of each breath, each moment. And love it.

Your tea whisperer,

20th Anniversary of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece

2014 Summer conference at the international academy, Professor George Vithoulkas and Sylvia.
2014 Summer conference at the international academy, Professor George Vithoulkas and Sylvia.

This is an inspiring story of a dream that came true, because this one remarkable man had the persistence and endurance to cut through many obstacles to fulfill his vision.

I arrived late one night in 1984, at the harbor of Alonissos, one of the small islands of the Sporades, a chain of Greek islands. No light illuminated the pitch-black harbor, and the freighter boat seemed too large to fit into the dock, whose entrance was surrounded by huge rocks. We were students from all over the world and eager to become educated about homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas, to learn the correct ways of this medical discipline—the Hahnemannian way—as it had worked for two hundred years since invented in the 18th century by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann… and to one day become healing practitioners ourselves.

Tired from our long, hot journey, we stumbled from the boat with our luggage, trying to find our way through the dark. I saw a tall, Greek-speaking man being approached by one student asking for help with his bag. When the tall man turned, I realized he was George Vithoulkas himself, my having once seen his photo. Prof. Vithoulkas picked up the bag, talking and laughing with a most inviting smile, and then greeted all of us. We followed him to the old school house that would serve as our classroom, and we were introduced to the various fishermen whose homes would be our sleeping quarters for the next weeks. The following day, refreshed after a delicious Greek breakfast and swim in the pure, clean waters of the Aegean Sea, we began our study program. It seemed to me like an old Greek film, but was the beginning of my life-long relationship with this teacher, with homeopathy, and with the island of Alonissos.

Prof. Vithoulkas with international students at the academy.
Prof. Vithoulkas with international students at the academy.

For eleven long years we studied in overheated, cramped spaces without air conditioning or fans, sat in uncomfortable chairs in unused schoolrooms or places that were used for boat building. Finally, the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy found a decent space…not hidden secretively from the world as the teachings were at the time…but an appropriate, elegant, Greek-style building that was worth the wait, and worthy of it’s magnificent, creative, healing methods.

It was only after Vithoulkas gave up hope that some organization would support his wishes for an official building, dedicated for these important and intricate teachings, that it began to manifest with the help of his devoted students. In Germany, the original home of homeopathy, a foundation was formed which organized fundraising events, and individuals gave personal contributions. Patients who were treated successfully by Vithoulkas gave financial support. One great supporter was the Kailash Foundation of New York and a few of my wealthier patients who understood and wanted to support this noble and life-changing cause.

In June 1995, the building was inaugurated, marked by the first completed three-year course of study and, after the successful passing of three days of testing, an official degree was presented. A significant breakthrough for the Academy came in 1996 when Vithoulkas received the Alternative Nobel Prize for his visionary book “A new Model of Health and Disease.” This attracted worldwide interest and brought many more students to the Academy in Alonissos each summer for the teachings. Research programs were established, and the teaching format eventually became digitized, as well as the videos which meticulously portray the many years of casetaking by Vithoulkas of difficult patients. Today, the building has almost outgrown itself, as so many students come, and as the demand for homeopathic learning and healing has risen well beyond expectation, both for the student as well as the patient.

Prof. Vithoulkas teaching in New York, 1994, with Sylvia.
Prof. Vithoulkas teaching in New York, 1994, with Sylvia.

Vithoulkas’ vision for so many years, of establishing and legitimizing homeopathy around the world is becoming a reality. After achieving legal acceptance of homeopathy in Greece—a country that denied validity most years when Vithoulkas opened a clinic in Athens, as well as teaching in Alonissos—they have now recognized its value and appointed him as an honorable professor at the Aegean School of Medicine, including an official chair in the Academy. Other countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, and Rumania, whose students visit for the teachings every year, have offered him the same honor.

How one man can have the energy to “run against so many windmills,” survive it unbroken, and incur the ignorance of so many enemies in the medical field, and still continue and continue on? It must be his strong desire to fulfill his goal and his dream for the deep healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Next summer, why don’t you listen to these mind-transforming teachings on the beautiful island of Alonissos. For more information visit

Sylvia, the Tea Whisperer

The homeopathic remedies for the month of August are for sunstroke.

Should you fall asleep in the sun while trying to get a “perfect” end of summer tan, you may pay the price by awakening with sunstroke…. with headache, vomiting, fever and a red and burning head.

The homeopathic remedy par excellence is BELLADONNA, extracted and potentized from the Deadly Nightshade. This remedy is usually taken for acute conditions in the 30c potency.

Another one for this condition is GLONOINE, which is potentized Nitroglycerin, to be used when you have a hot and heavy head with confusion and dizziness from too much sun exposure.

Important: Ask your homeopathic consultant for advice about which remedy would suit your specific case the best, as there are also a few other choices in the homeopathic first aid kit!

This summer tea is coming from Greece, where on the island of Alonissos we can find more than 350 species of healing herbal remedies. This one is called DIKTAMUS, from the mountains of Crete. It is ideal for indigestion of the stomach, and is also a tonic and digestive aid. In Greek mythology it is described as the “pharmacy for every kind of pain.” Who can beat that?

Also, a simple CHAMOMILE tea, found in any health food store, can work wonders in calming down your stomach and your nerves.

I wish you enjoyable and relaxing days for the rest of the summer!

Love and Compassion

I would like to dedicate this blog to one of the greatest living beings on this earth, in my eyes, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, whose 80th birthday on the 6th of July we just celebrated.
Since early childhood, when I was just 7-years-old, I have admired the then 16-year-old Dalai Lama. When I saw a newspaper article about this boy in his strange, pointed yellow hat, sitting upon a throne, the political and spiritual leader of a country called Tibet, I became very intrigued and curious to know more. The article described the spontaneous invasion of Mao Tse Tung’s Red Army invading the country, destroying hundreds of monasteries, and killing thousands of innocent monks, nuns, and children, similar to how it had just happened in Germany with our Jewish communities. I wondered how a young boy could defend his country… and who would be able to help him. I vowed then that when I would grow up I would help the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet. It took me almost 30 years to fulfill my vow.
During his visit to New York last November, and on the 20th anniversary of my foundation, The Kailash Foundation of New York, I asked His Holiness for blessings and spiritual support for the achievements and continuation of the work I had started. I was honored to meet His Holiness for a private audience in order to share my request. During these brief personal moments his strength radiated throughout my body. I felt as if I was hit by a meteor. When he held my hand and held me close, I felt his power like a solid rock, and knew that nothing could cut through this connection. It was like unchangeable, undivided, sky metal energy that penetrated my whole being. And I can access this power surge whenever I call for support in a mental, emotional or physical crisis. This gift I was able to receive through love.

My blessing moment with H.H. The Dalai Lama Photos by SONAM ZOKSANG, a very talented and well known Tibetan photographer, NYC 2014
My blessing moment with H.H. The Dalai Lama Photos by SONAM ZOKSANG, a very talented and well known Tibetan photographer, NYC 2014

In many ways the energy surge is similar to the action of a high potency homeopathic remedy that is prescribed on the totality of the symptoms of a patient. When the vibration of the remedy is completely congruent with the patient’s vibration there will be a transformative cure.
His Holiness IS loving kindness and compassion. His unperturbed belief in resolving violent actions with nonviolence, compassion, and dialogue is what we can all learn from him.

Which politician or country leader is believable today with their promises of peace? I believe that there is only one: the spiritual leader of the people of Tibet, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama!

Tashi delek,

Your friend, the Tea Whisperer,

Tibetan Butter Tea (a variation)
In a pot, boil a mix of ½ water, ½ milk, and three full spoons of Assam Tea leaves, on a low flame. Let it simmer for awhile to absorb the full strength of the leaves.
Add a branch of fresh mint leaf shortly before taking the brew off the fire.
Add brown sugar to your liking.
And now comes the Tibetan twist: a drop of fresh European butter into each cup. Very nourishing on a cool evening.

A real summer tea:
Boil a few slices of ginger and tarragon leaves in hot water. Add a teaspoon of honey. Let it cool off.
Add the juice of a fresh lemon, stir, and let it cool in the fridge for awhile.

Homeopathic remedies for summer ailments:
Due to frequent weather changes from hot to cold to humid, mixed with freezing AC, the body often reacts in its digestive system.
Summer flu: Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, and very weak: the remedy par excellence is ARSENICUM ALBUM
Also drink lots of CHAMOMILLE TEA to soothe the stomach.

Getting a bladder infection from wearing your wet bathing suit too long after a swim? Or cold wet feet from walking too long in the sea or pool?
Too frequent urges to urinate are the results: the remedy is PULSATILLA

Perfect Sunburn remedy, or as topical ointment is URTICA URENS to reverse the blistery skin and burning symptoms.

Hope, we can all enjoy a long summer before we may get another long winter.

On another note: I am in the process of switching the blog back to my former address : sympatea. I would like it to be linked once again to my foundation so you can get a glimpse of what is going on there. And maybe buy my Tea Book which, as a donation to my projects, mainly benefits the orphans and the orphanages.

Thank you so much for following me throughout the year.
With love, in good health,

Through a Looking Glass

“As the Moon Reflected in Water”-Buddhist text

In looking at my life with detachment—as if through a looking glass—I try to observe with mindfulness and understand the landscape of my life. Did I miss a turn or an opportunity to do better? Did I really make the best of it?

I went with my artist friend Carol to the unusual, spectacular fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, “China Through the Looking Glass.”
I admired the high fashion designs of the last fifty years that had been influenced by Chinese art, the fabrics, patterns and viewing the films of the times, exhibited in unusual and artistic rooms, each like a splendid stage set. I began to dwell on my past travels through Asia and the influence they had on my life, my design world, fashion, food and outlooks in so many ways. Especially in the Hong Kong of the seventies, before skyscrapers or the tunnel between Hong Kong and Kow Loon, with huge junks for hourly transport between the elegant Victorian English-influenced Hong Kong side and the Chinese Kow Loon-side with its nightly versatile markets.
For my first three months in Hong Kong I lived on Victoria Peak, sharing the apartment with a 74-year-old American lady, an ex-Vietnam secretary, and her three Siamese cats. Then I had an offer to live on a Chinese junk which seemed so romantic, but ended up being very impractical during typhoon season when the water was rising and my bed started to float!

One night in the midst of a typhoon, I met Carlos Santana and his band, with his then lead singer Leon Thomas. They were travelling on a concert tour throughout Asia. The performance started at the onset of the typhoon, but when the music ended the typhoon signal was number 8, with palm trees bent to the ground. I tried to find a way to get home and asked a western-looking man if he had any idea how to find a car or rickshaw. He happened to be the manager of the Santana group, was unable to answer my question, but instead invited me to the after concert dinner party…a truly welcome choice at that moment. Who would not be excited to meet these great musicians, especially after that fabulous performance!! (You remember “Black Magic Woman”… as great a song then as it is today.)
Details of this story and how the night unfolded you can read in my digital Tea Book where you can find lots of odd and interesting anecdotes and tales like this as well as tea recipes, photos and video clips from my life.

During this walk through the Met Museum it all came flowing back to me: how comfortable I had felt in my new home there, that foreign world with both sides to offer then—the English with their Western influence, and the Chinese people and their unique lifestyle, especially in Kow Loon and the New Territories.
I realized then that the more I am a “foreigner” somewhere, the more I seem to feel at home. I wore my black Chinese clothes, jade bangles on each wrist, lived in Aberdeen on a Chinese junk (which belonged to the Australian art director I worked for), and drank Oolong Tea in the simple tea stalls, which kept you cool in the heat and warmed you when it was damp and cool.
I left there too soon, perhaps, but the imprint it had on my life is apparent in my current lifestyle and living quarters. I always want some Chinese furniture, jewelry and/or clothing around me. And I always drink Chinese Tea.

You will see what I mean if you find time to see this fascinating exhibit at “the Met” showing Chinese opulence and influence starting in the thirties and forties, in Hollywood movies, fashion, and many details in daily life at a time when China was closed to western visitors. We called it “exotic.”

One can also see reflections of this culture in Bauhaus furniture and French paintings in the nineteenth century.

I hope China will again restore itself to its rich historical culture of art, design, and philosophy… and respect the old masters of Buddhist schools and tradition to bring back harmony and freedom to its people and Tibet.
So much beauty and a wealth of knowledge that can now be shared with the world…

And we have the teas:
• Chrysanthemum Tea, from the dried blossom, for fertility and the female cycle

• Peonies, dried blossoms, boiled in water, for headaches

• Oolong Tea, in hot or cool climate, helps to adjust the inner temperature.
On a Sunday afternoon you can also have it as a dessert, with a blob of brown rock sugar and a drop of Cuban rum, as an iced tea or hot drink.
Instead of Irish Coffee, (written like a devoted tea lover).

The homeopathic remedies for the month of June:
• Apis Mellifica, made from the honey bee, for bee stings, creating a lot of swelling, rosy discoloration of skin, soreness and worse from heat and touch.
A few doses will help you quickly absorb the discomfort and swelling.

For insect bites:
• Hypericum, St. John’s Wort, better from warmth, or
• Ledum, Marsh Tea, better from cold application.
(Distinguish between the two remedies by the warm/cold keynotes.)
Both remedies are helpful for insect bites, animal bites, or poisonous bites if taken properly under the guidance of a homeopath.

Enjoy the sunny days.
Your tea whisperer,