A time for Spirit, Knowledge and Rejuvenation

I will absorb my spiritual experiences during the world peace meditations in Ladakh before writing about them…and I look forward to sharing afterwards, so stay tuned.

On my way back to the states, I will visit the Homeopathic Academy of my teacher Professor George Vithoulkas on the island of Alonissos, Greece. I have come to this place for the last 30 years to study homeopathy, and always feel advanced in my knowledge as well as rejuvenated from the wondrous peacefulness of the island.

Alonissos is one of the greenest islands in the Sporades, a chain of many small islands, not developed for tourism. And that’s why I like it. The Aegean Sea is so clear, the fish so fresh, the peaches, figs and herbs are concentrated in their flavor as no other place I can think of.

In my iBook, “Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim,” you can watch a short video excerpt which I filmed of a Greek friend making an herbal tea—as refreshing to drink cold in the summer as it is healing in the winter—the Greek Mountain Tea.

For now I recommend VERVAINE TEA: boil the leaves for 5 minutes, add some honey and lemon drops and let it cool. It’s a wonderful summer drink, also soothing for the stomach on a hot day.