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TeaSympathy is brought to you by Sylvia Faddis, tea drinker, holistic healer, world traveler and adventurer.

Sylvia Faddis is an artist, homeopath, writer and film maker.  She is also the founder of the Kailash Foundation of NY. The purpose of the foundation is to increase public awareness through special events and videos of the past and current situation in Tibet and to support the preservation of art, religion and medicine in Tibet. The foundation also seeks to promote and educate about homeopathy through the use of media and worldwide teachings.


Sylvia was born into turbulent times during World War Two.  Sylvia survived a traumatic childhood to become a toasted and celebrated graphic and visual artist.  After traveling to the United States to study Native American Indian Culture, she became an integral part of the jazz scene with her first husband, noted jazz musician Jon Faddis.  Sylvia’s life has led her from the destruction of postwar Germany to the circles of jazz in New York City to the restorative centers of homeopathy in India and Greece and the eastern medicines of Tibet.  Sylvia Faddis has embraced culture, humanity and adventure in a singularly intriguing way.

Bill Cosby chronicles a documentary film based on Sylvia’s life.  “Sylvia’s Path” is the tale of one woman’s amazing journey towards spiritual and human redemption set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany and modern Tibet. Her lifelong quest to serve those who are victimized by oppressors is matched only by her search for a spiritual community within the Tibetan Buddhist Teachings. “Sylvia’s Path” is an intricate portrayal of a people and their history, told through the thoughts, feelings and spiritual impulses of one courageous woman. Growing out of her Catholic upbringing, leaving her German homeland and family, Sylvia  studied art, stage design and became one of Germany’s premier art directors.

Sylvia then married a celebrated jazz musician and got interested in homeopathy. Studying Homeopathic medicine would become Sylvia’s calling.This path would lead her to her second husband, musician and Buddhist teacher the late David Kirby.

Sylvia and David

David and Sylvia shared a devotion to Buddhism and a desire to help the Tibetan cause. David was Sylvia’s most ardent supporter in the Kailash Foundation.

Today Sylvia continues her work with the Kailash Foundation as well as her homeopathic practice. She continues to travel, have adventures and enjoy many cups of tea.


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