20th Anniversary of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece

2014 Summer conference at the international academy, Professor George Vithoulkas and Sylvia.
2014 Summer conference at the international academy, Professor George Vithoulkas and Sylvia.

This is an inspiring story of a dream that came true, because this one remarkable man had the persistence and endurance to cut through many obstacles to fulfill his vision.

I arrived late one night in 1984, at the harbor of Alonissos, one of the small islands of the Sporades, a chain of Greek islands. No light illuminated the pitch-black harbor, and the freighter boat seemed too large to fit into the dock, whose entrance was surrounded by huge rocks. We were students from all over the world and eager to become educated about homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas, to learn the correct ways of this medical discipline—the Hahnemannian way—as it had worked for two hundred years since invented in the 18th century by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann… and to one day become healing practitioners ourselves.

Tired from our long, hot journey, we stumbled from the boat with our luggage, trying to find our way through the dark. I saw a tall, Greek-speaking man being approached by one student asking for help with his bag. When the tall man turned, I realized he was George Vithoulkas himself, my having once seen his photo. Prof. Vithoulkas picked up the bag, talking and laughing with a most inviting smile, and then greeted all of us. We followed him to the old school house that would serve as our classroom, and we were introduced to the various fishermen whose homes would be our sleeping quarters for the next weeks. The following day, refreshed after a delicious Greek breakfast and swim in the pure, clean waters of the Aegean Sea, we began our study program. It seemed to me like an old Greek film, but was the beginning of my life-long relationship with this teacher, with homeopathy, and with the island of Alonissos.

Prof. Vithoulkas with international students at the academy.
Prof. Vithoulkas with international students at the academy.

For eleven long years we studied in overheated, cramped spaces without air conditioning or fans, sat in uncomfortable chairs in unused schoolrooms or places that were used for boat building. Finally, the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy found a decent space…not hidden secretively from the world as the teachings were at the time…but an appropriate, elegant, Greek-style building that was worth the wait, and worthy of it’s magnificent, creative, healing methods.

It was only after Vithoulkas gave up hope that some organization would support his wishes for an official building, dedicated for these important and intricate teachings, that it began to manifest with the help of his devoted students. In Germany, the original home of homeopathy, a foundation was formed which organized fundraising events, and individuals gave personal contributions. Patients who were treated successfully by Vithoulkas gave financial support. One great supporter was the Kailash Foundation of New York and a few of my wealthier patients who understood and wanted to support this noble and life-changing cause.

In June 1995, the building was inaugurated, marked by the first completed three-year course of study and, after the successful passing of three days of testing, an official degree was presented. A significant breakthrough for the Academy came in 1996 when Vithoulkas received the Alternative Nobel Prize for his visionary book “A new Model of Health and Disease.” This attracted worldwide interest and brought many more students to the Academy in Alonissos each summer for the teachings. Research programs were established, and the teaching format eventually became digitized, as well as the videos which meticulously portray the many years of casetaking by Vithoulkas of difficult patients. Today, the building has almost outgrown itself, as so many students come, and as the demand for homeopathic learning and healing has risen well beyond expectation, both for the student as well as the patient.

Prof. Vithoulkas teaching in New York, 1994, with Sylvia.
Prof. Vithoulkas teaching in New York, 1994, with Sylvia.

Vithoulkas’ vision for so many years, of establishing and legitimizing homeopathy around the world is becoming a reality. After achieving legal acceptance of homeopathy in Greece—a country that denied validity most years when Vithoulkas opened a clinic in Athens, as well as teaching in Alonissos—they have now recognized its value and appointed him as an honorable professor at the Aegean School of Medicine, including an official chair in the Academy. Other countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, and Rumania, whose students visit for the teachings every year, have offered him the same honor.

How one man can have the energy to “run against so many windmills,” survive it unbroken, and incur the ignorance of so many enemies in the medical field, and still continue and continue on? It must be his strong desire to fulfill his goal and his dream for the deep healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Next summer, why don’t you listen to these mind-transforming teachings on the beautiful island of Alonissos. For more information visit http://www.vithoulkas.com/

Sylvia, the Tea Whisperer

The homeopathic remedies for the month of August are for sunstroke.

Should you fall asleep in the sun while trying to get a “perfect” end of summer tan, you may pay the price by awakening with sunstroke…. with headache, vomiting, fever and a red and burning head.

The homeopathic remedy par excellence is BELLADONNA, extracted and potentized from the Deadly Nightshade. This remedy is usually taken for acute conditions in the 30c potency.

Another one for this condition is GLONOINE, which is potentized Nitroglycerin, to be used when you have a hot and heavy head with confusion and dizziness from too much sun exposure.

Important: Ask your homeopathic consultant for advice about which remedy would suit your specific case the best, as there are also a few other choices in the homeopathic first aid kit!

This summer tea is coming from Greece, where on the island of Alonissos we can find more than 350 species of healing herbal remedies. This one is called DIKTAMUS, from the mountains of Crete. It is ideal for indigestion of the stomach, and is also a tonic and digestive aid. In Greek mythology it is described as the “pharmacy for every kind of pain.” Who can beat that?

Also, a simple CHAMOMILE tea, found in any health food store, can work wonders in calming down your stomach and your nerves.

I wish you enjoyable and relaxing days for the rest of the summer!