Healing Teas in the Bahamas

Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival that occurs during the dark hours of morning on the 26th of December and again at the first hours of light of the new year. Thousands dance through Nassau’s town center like a wild ocean of colour, with vibrant rhythms reverberating off the surrounding walls and cowbells chattering with brass horns.

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In the 16th century, the Portuguese chemist Ponce de Leon came to the Caribbean with a Spanish fleet, looking for the fountain of youth. Unfortunately he was sidetracked by their greedy search for gold and he never found the true treasure he was seeking–the fountain of youth in the form of the “Tree of Life”  in the Bahamas. This tree contains all the vitamins and minerals required by humans in order to maintain “youth” and health, and the tea is made from the bark and leaves which have powerful healing properties. Many people have used this tea for generations for fertility, potency and immune support and for infectious diseases. This natural preventive medicine brings about mental, emotional and physical balance to maintain health. On Grand Bahama island, the bush doctor uses leaves, grasses, tree barks and flowers to prepare infusions, tonics and powders that help the body heal itself. The “Juice of Life” from the Madeira tree brings balance to a distressed immune system.

Wilfred Rolle is an accomplished bush medicine healer in the Bahamas. He gathers curative plants and herbs which he makes into tonics, teas, juices and capsules. These natural medicines have helped many people–including me. I was so inspired by Wilfred’s dedication to holistic health that I videotaped him on one of my trips to the Bahamas.

Try this Bahamian recipe for immune support.  Collect seaweed at the beach in the early morning.  Wash a handful of seaweed thoroughly and boil it until it looks like a brown clear Miso soup.  Pour the mixture through a sieve and drink as a tea.  Add lemon and honey to taste.

You will find this and other helpful healing tea information, and recipes from my travels all over the world, in my forthcoming book. Publication information will be announced soon.