Watching the seeds grow

This was a summer of many events…. and I finally received my driver’s license!
Time rushed by faster than other years I recall. Did you feel this also?
I participated at four seminars of classical homeopathy at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on the island of Alonissos. Not much has changed on this rather traditional island over the 32 years that I have been coming here to study some of the most challenging cases that no one had been able to cure, with Professor George Vithoulkas.
I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world during these two months. In the first group seminar I attended were Italian and Greek students, followed by two sets of Russian and Ukrainian students, and in the final were Portuguese and Brazilian students.
I’ve lost count of the other nationalities that were also present from all over Europe, India, Africa, Mexico and South America. Most participants are medical doctors and medical specialists who now wish to add the healing methods of homeopathy to their services, but also nurses and midwives, health practitioners, veterinarians, and psychoanalysts were present.
At the end of each seminar, the group celebrated with a traditional dinner under the star-studded sky in the warm summer air, with dances, music and special songs and performances. I was particularly blown away by the Indians, who looked as professional as Bollywood dancers. (I know where Michael Jackson took some of his choreography ideas from…or was it the other way around?) During the class I would not have imagined that these serious students would loosen up so much when it came to rhythm and dance!!
It was great to see that the Academy evolved so well since its beginning in 1995/1996  until now! When I first came to Alonissos to learn from Prof. Vithoulkas in 1984, we were then 78 devoted students, sitting on small school benches at the local school— without air conditioning and it was HOT! The next year we were in a workshop where boats are built. Some women fainted from the heat!
And so it progressed, until it became more and more clear that these teachings would continue, and more people would come, eager to learn from the master, no matter what the conditions. Finally, Vithoulkas realized that this was his call. Besides the fact that he got tired of travelling around the world to teach, it was his hope to mostly remain on the peaceful, beautiful island of Alonissos and only teach there. But it took years before that wish was fulfilled. Even after the Academy was built, the desire to manifest the practice of homeopathy in as many countries as possible forced him to move around the continents.
With the help of some passionate individuals like me, eventually the seed was planted to build the Academy. And it is an outstanding pleasure to watch this seed blossom, grow and unfold.
Now, each year more students come from all over the world and find a beautiful home to study in the monastery-like architecture of the Academy building with AC, comfortable tables and chairs, and with all the latest technology for online teaching, computer Repertories and videos. It is almost too small now for the ever-growing groups of students arriving between May and October.
The spreading of homeopathy can no longer be stopped! 
With good food and wine, ideas get stimulated and eventually can grow into reality.
Twenty years ago I sat in Vithoulkas’s home in the kitchen with David, my late husband, and Prof. Vithoulkas, relaxing from the teachings of the day. We shared a delicious meal that his wife Tati, an excellent cook, had prepared for us in her loving, caring way. It was a very special treat. It was 1996, the first year that a Russian group of 68 (?) doctors came to the Academy to study. Over dinner we discussed possibilities of how to help this group to continue their studies when back home in their country. At that time most of the students could barely afford the long trip and travel expenses. We realized that classroom spaces were needed, as well as technical equipment to show the Vithoulkas video case takings and teachings.
With David’s encouragement, I decided to find sponsors through my foundation to establish this first step. Returning home to New York, I set to work and am grateful to say that we were able to accomplish this initial plan. Now, so many years later, I attended the seminar for the Russian and Ukrainian group, which has grown to 200 members of quite accomplished homeopaths.
The most outstanding event was the celebration of their teacher by these devoted students.
An honorable professorship and chair for homeopathy at the University of Chuvash Republic was given to Professor Vithoulkas by the authorities of the University, for his great contributions to establish homeopathy in Russia. They had offered him these honors last year, but the Professor was too busy and tired to travel. So they came now to Alonissos, six female leading doctors from the University to officially endow him with his new title and membership. They granted the honors at the Academy with all the pomp they would have done in Russia. (If Moses does not come to the mountain, the mountain comes to Moses. Isn’t that a saying?) Dressed in full regalia, with top hats and symbols and long coats, they honored Prof. Vithoulkas. Speeches were given by international doctors who flew in for the occasion, national songs were sung in Russian, Greek and English. I was floored. It was all so moving and impressive. And very loving and respectful!
I was so proud to be there and see the official acceptance and declaration of his mastership—this man who fought so persistently for the promotion of classical homeopathy and the spreading of the study and use of the most beneficial and safe medicine by its founder Samuel Hahnemann (1750-1843).

Here is a short video of the nomination of Prof. Vithoulkas as Honorary Professor of “The State Medical University of Chuvash Republic,” Russia

I loved seeing the emotional side of the Russian people, which seems to me to be only alive in their great literature….or on those most beautiful Vogue models, who are conquering the fashion runway floors with their beauty and generous humanitarian causes. (Don’t think I am only interested in homeopathy.) 

I am so grateful to be part of this powerful movement of establishing homeopathy to its rightful place. And to see the fruits ripening from seeds that were spread around the dining table.

For those of you who are interested, this is a 45 minute video with Prof. Vithoulkas with in depth discussion about “The Art of Healing,” and the Academy, made by a well known Russian filmmaker.
All with love,

My fall recipe is a tea or juice that you can drink hot or cold, with all alkaline ingredients to cleanse your lymphatic system and protect you from colds!


One large red onion, a piece of ginger, 2 lemons, and a clove of garlic.

Extract the juice of the lemon and set it aside.

Peel and cut up all pieces and put them in a medium large pot.

Cover with plenty of good water.

Bring it slowly to a boil and let it simmer for another 15 minutes.

Let it cool off for a moment.

Then pour all juice into a pitcher, add the lemon juice, and drink a small glass 3x daily.

It will help your digestion and any cold that may creep up into your throat or bones.

You can adjust the amount of the individual pieces to your taste; also double up on the ingredients to store the juice in the fridge for a few days.

To your health!