Phantom Love

“Phantom Love” in May

The month of May, with its many songs and poems written about promises of budding love and romance, has filled me with expectation since childhood. The rejuvenating air, spring blossoms and budding flowers with their seductive scents…like lily of the valley, lilac, iris and peonies… and song birds, make me feel “As if” I am in love.

After the endless, dreary winter days we can walk under blossoming cherry trees, inhale the scent of the freshness of the earth, and dream of love. It feels like it and looks like it. But the excitement begins to fade when we move into the sweltering hot summer months. And I always dream of more.

For this fleeting “phantom love,” a calming tea may balance the illusionary emotion. You can still enjoy the feeling without losing your head.
The tea of the month is a heart tonic: Hawthorn Tea, a tincture made of the hawthorn berries, makes a good strengthening heart tea, regulating irregular blood flow and pulse. As a homeopathic remedy, Hawthorn berries, (Crataegus), does wonders for many heart irregularities. Ask your homeopath in case of need.

Another wonderful choice is a refreshing Jasmine Tea after a nice long walk, and tastes a bit more elegant. Even when iced, Jasmine keeps its distinguished flavor.

There is a list of “phantom symptoms” in the Homeopathic Repertoire of 2,500 proven remedies as Pulsatilla, the delicate windflower. It cures the symptom: “As if pregnant” for a woman who desires a child so much that it affects her hormones. From this mental and emotional state she develops sensations of early pregnancy, even with a swelling of the abdomen. By administering the remedy Pulsatilla, all symptoms will reverse themselves by balancing the hormonal level and the state of emotional upset. And the belly will deflate again.

Another significant “phantom symptom” is that of the amputated leg or limb. The homeopathic remedy Symphytum (Comfrey), known commonly as “Knitbone,” due to its healing ability for bone mending, is curative of this “As if” symptom as well. The nervous system mimics the sensations as if the extremity was still present. Once the remedy Symphytum is administered it signals the absence of the limb to the brain that then recognizes the amputation, after which the pains and sensations are relieved.

The first collection of “As If” symptoms were recorded in 1894 by Dr. A.W. Holocomb. But one of the most diligent homeopathic doctors, Herbert A. Roberts, made the effort in 1937 to collect from many of the most important resources of the great 19th century homeopaths, almost all “As If” symptoms, to help homeopaths find more easily the Similimum to the patient’s case. The book is called “Sensations As If-,” by Herbert A. Roberts. This was one of the first books of homeopathy that I studied with great curiosity.
The comprehensive casetaking and analysis that culminates in specific prescribing for each patient is what makes Homeopathy the extraordinarily successful practice that it has been for two hundred years.

Another potent and poetic flower grows in May which can reverse heart disorders and irregular blood pressure when transformed into a homeopathic remedy: Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis). Its delicate, distinguished scent makes your pulse go faster on inhalation, especially if given to you as a romantic little bouquet.

Enjoy the wonders and beauty of May.

With love,
Your tea whisperer, Sylvia