Summer 2013

A fulfilling summer vacation with an enlightening study program, cheerful, entertaining music, healing teas and friends on the greenest island of the chain of isles of the Sporades in Greece.

The annual teachings and educational programs about homeopathy by Professor George Vithoulkas have drawn me for the last thirty years to this lush island which is covered with more than 350 healing herbs. It’s no wonder that the International Academy of Homeopathy found its home here.

Thousands of students from all over the world have been coming each summer for the last twenty years to study with Professor Vithoulkas, 1996 Alternative Nobel Prize Laureate. This makes visiting and studying here a truly international meeting place and positions homeopathy in a global context.

I am not the type to lie on a sunny beach for long. I get restless or too lazy for my own good. But this is the perfect combination of mental stimulation and relaxation. How about you?

Between morning and evening classes there is time to swim in the crystal clear sea. I spent restful time on my veranda with my sister and friends and evenings eating delicious fresh fish from the morning’s catch.

On the mountaintop of old Alonissos lives an English, French and German community which rebuilt the old town after the earthquake’s of the ‘60s.
It is now restored to its original splendor. They are an interesting mix of people—artists, musicians, writers, great individuals whose preference is to live here yearlong rather than in rainy countries.

On one of the cooler summer evenings a fundraising concert was arranged in someone’s garden to support the local children’s school and for a doctor to control the growing population of the beautiful typical Alonissos cat, which resembles a sphinx.

Anthony, a professional musician, entertained us with his songs from the thirties to the eighties, accompanied by his classical guitar or ukulele. Under the starry glistening sky, memories evoked by the tunes created a happy emotionally relaxed crowd…. and raised funds for kids and cats.

Wishing you a blissful summer.

Drink GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA for a summer cold or cough. Just break a few branches into boiling water for a few moments. Let it steep, and drink while hot. It is also refreshing cold with ice.
SAGE TEA is great for good digestion and calming the stomach after too

much sun. Boil a handful of sage leaves, steep in water for a few minutes, add honey and relax.

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