Connecting from the Heart

LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, and TRUTH are the foundation for a world that enjoys a peaceful holiday season in all religions.

“ETHICS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN RELIGION” was the theme of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in an interview on German television this summer. Historically, in the name of religion, so much violence has been done…. misused for political and material advancement. Therefore, he talks of a secular ethic, which also speaks to agnostics and atheists. Human elemental spirituality is more important than religion. I believe that the desire for love, compassion and goodness is in all of us, independent of religion.

We cannot live without fully realized inner values and ethics. I believe that the ultimate core of mankind is faith in the goodness of all. It is from where we draw strength to survive brutalities, created by man, and it is subdued by the power of trust — and belief in the good of all. As individuals or as a society, we have the power of transformation because of this seed of love.

During this holiday season of all religions, I would like to celebrate with thoughts of praying for all suppressed nations, refugees, homeless, and all of our neighbors who are suffering, no matter how distant or different their lives and cultures may be. We are all one mankind.

Inhale the loving white light, and all the pains, tears and suffering around us in one deep breath, then exhale and visualize golden light filling all space, covering all beings in a brilliant ray of peaceful rainbow-colored light, the energy full of love and compassion. Hold this image for a moment and visualize world peace.

I am thinking of my friends in Tibet who have been enduring political suppression and loss of their culture and identity since 1949, but are still hoping to be under self rule one day again. The world is watching — yet nothing has happened to help. No matter how powerful are the forces to suppress them, their love for H.H. the Dalai Lama keeps them alive.

The fundraising events I created for the last 20 years were like a drop of water on a hot stone. But they helped to manifest places for many refugees, orphans and old people coming from Tibet, Nepal or India. The proceeds from your buying gifts and artifacts from my collections created meaningful change in many lives.
Now I am suggesting the purchase of my book for the same purpose, as an opportunity to once more help me to raise funds for Kailash Foundation of New York. The orphans are growing up and new ones are coming who need to be fed and to study so that they will have a full future.
Chapter 9 Tibet 15
“TEA AND TRAVELS: LIFE FILLED TO THE BRIM” is my digital Apple iBook, which includes much more than unusual tea recipes for healing and pleasure from all over the world. It also tells stories from my life—from childhood after WWII in Germany, till today in New York City— dramatized with many videos and photos from the places I visited and the unusual people I met. Each chapter describes another part of the world and a significant part of my life.

You can order it here:
For more information about the Kailash Foundation, you can view the website.
Make someone happy with this entertaining gift.
And remember the value of your contribution.

Another book I highly recommend is written by the oldest brother of H.H. the Dalai Lama, Gyalo Thondup. It describes His Holiness’s life from birth until he had to flee his country at the time of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, as seen through the eyes of his brother. Thondup is not a monk, but he became a freedom fighter and hero, supported by the people of Tibet. At times supported by the CIA, but also betrayed again and again by the promises of the governments he asked for help. A controversial figure in the eyes of Buddhism, he was a courageous, and powerful man. Never before told stories shed light on the political background of what happened to Tibet, a country that was hidden from the eyes of the world for centuries.
“THE NOODLE MAKER OF KALIMPONG”, (Public Affairs, a member of the Perseus Books Group). Available at Amazon or major bookstores.

Gyalo Thondup
This book is a must for all my patients. It will help you to understand your own healing process with the necessary knowledge to follow the process of healing. And to understand what it means in Homeopathy to be healthy. Wellbeing on mental, emotional, and physical levels, is what we like to achieve with Homeopathy…
not just the absence of symptoms. This insightful explanation on the principles of Homeopathy, was written by my teacher and friend Prof. George Vithoulkas, the alternative Nobel prize winner of 1996, who elevated the science of Homeopathy to its rightful place through his global teachings and advanced theories.

Please go to his website and see if you would like to join some of the most informative classes in the upcoming teaching seminars in 2016.
And order this book to understand for yourself and your family members the treatment and healing benefits of Homeopathy. You will be more informed and in charge of your healing! Embrace it with gratitude and believe! The Basic Principles of Homeopathy,” available as an iBook through iTunes or Amazon, or in the Kindle edition via Amazon.


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season with lots of joy and happiness in 2016!

Your Tea Whisperer, With love,

While reading this or in holiday celebrations, in quiet and in spirited times, enjoy a delicious cup of invigorating Tea, especially for cold winter nights.

Indian Spice Tea is splendid as a dessert (without the calories of a rich creamy pastry). It also helps digestion after a rich meal. Fill a large pot with half water / half milk, according to the number of servings. Sprinkle a handful of dark ASSAM tea, (one spoon per cup) into the water. Take plenty of cardamom seeds and clover, crush them in a bowl with a stick, and add them to the pot of Assam tea. Stir and bring slowly to a boil.
After slowly simmering the tea blend on low heat for 15 minutes, cut up a slice of freshly peeled ginger, and press it’s juice into the tea mixture. (The flavor becomes richer when you let it steep for awhile after boiling.)
If you would like it as a dessert drink you may add vanilla sticks, or break up some cinnamon sticks and boil them with the tea.