The Importance of Being Generous


Love is expressed through sharing and receiving. Each is equally important because of the emotions connected through the open heart.

Four hundred years ago refugees from Europe came to America and were greeted by the Natives. Their food and knowledge of the land helped the newcomers survive hardship and create a new home….but too soon the wheel of life turned, and the Natives became captive in their own homeland.

At this time of Thanksgiving my heart and mind turn once again to my Tibetan friends, the helpless ones, the children of Tibet.

Your generous gifts of any amount will help my orphanage in Hubli, South India:
the Deyang Monastery under the guidance of the Kuten La—the state oracle of Tibet—and the Abbot, the Ven. Choekyab Rinpoche.

Your support will help build an addition to the existing floor, so more orphans can find a home in this safe sanctuary.

With gratitude to all of you and wishing you a joyful and loving giving and receiving season with loved ones.

(My next tea event and exotic bazaar gathering will occur in the spring. More information will follow.)

Please stay in touch this season, enjoy the spirits and fragrant warmth. And delight in the splendors of tea for refreshment and healing.

Sylvia Faddis, President
Kailash Foundation of New York
310 East 46th Street, No. 16E
New York NY 10017
(All donations are tax-deductible.)
Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim is available as an iBook through iTunes.
Makes a perfect gift for those with almost everything.
Invigorating Tea for a cold winter night

Indian Spice Tea is splendid as a desert [without the calories of a rich creamy pastry] It also helps digestion after a rich meal. Fill a large pot with half water half milk, according to the number of servings. Sprinkle a handful of dark ASSAM tea , [one spoon per cup ] into the water. Take plenty of cardamom seeds and clover, crush them in a bowl with a stick , and add them to the pot of Assam tea. Stir and bring slowly to a boil.
Cut up a freshly peeled ginger slice, press it’s juice into the tea mixture and add after you slowly simmer the tea blend on low heat for 15 minutes. The flavor becomes richer when you let it steep for a while after boiling.
If you would like it as a dessert drink you may add vanilla sticks, or brake some cinnamon sticks and boil them with the tea.