is the fundamental result of a cure achieved with homeopathic remedies, when they are well chosen by a trained practitioner.

FREEDOM of SPEECH results from a healthy state of mind.
Words can be like a mathematical formula that builds or destroys.
When used with respect, compassion, and coming from the heart, truthful words create waves of good energy, which can heal and rebuild a troubled world.
But when coming from a sick state of health—where mind and heart are full of ego, greed, ignorance and rage—words can lead to devastation.

There is no fear when the mind is clear. The power of a healthy mind is godlike, and
the spirit glows with beauty, light and love. Decisions for yourself and others emerge easily when the mind is balanced. So…why is it so hard to be in that positive state of mind?

Pollution of the senses and the environment by media, chemistry, food—and by a society run by a business world based on material wellbeing rather than spirit—are causes for an imbalanced state of body and mind.

Spirit guides us; and the external world reflects our spirit. The body is a shell, a shadow influenced by the spirit world. We can change the blueprint of our existence due to the fact that we have freedom of mind guided by our spirit. We have the ability to reach the highest level of understanding, which is LOVE. Let your spirit be an exuberant being of light, love, and truth!

To all light beings, and to all new growth and regeneration: HAPPY SPRING!

Portrait of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 1755 - 1843
Portrait of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
1755 – 1843

This month we celebrate the healing art and science of homeopathy!

The great healer, scientist and mystic, the inventor of homeopathy, Doctor Samuel Hahnemann, was born in Meissen, Saxony, Germany on April 10, 1755 and died in Paris, France, on July 2, 1843.

He was the son of the porcelain painter and artist Gottfried Hahnemann and his second wife Johanna Christiane Spiess. A difficult childhood formed his strong character. The devastation of the seven-year-long war in 1756 by Emperor Frederick the Great led the well-to-do family in Meissen to financial despair. Young Samuel was educated in a strict, disciplinarian way by his father, as they no longer had the means to send him to school. This set the foundation for his self-disciplined studies and independent thought, which later in life brought him to develop the most advanced methods of healing. With persistence, he dedicated his life to healing and overcame prejudice to his radical concepts and his profound understanding of human nature.

The medical disciplines of the time were bloodletting and leeches, and pure poisons like mercury, sulfur and arsenic that promised to cure the disease, but not necessarily cure the patient. As today, the side effects of the medicines were endless and dangerous.

Dr. Hahnemann's original Remedy Case
Dr. Hahnemann’s original Remedy Case

Hahnemann’s concept of healing the totality of symptoms—mental, emotional and physical—was seemingly impossible to his colleagues. His goal was to heal gently and steadily, toward eliminating disease on all levels. In 1790 he wrote the “ORGANON,” still considered the bible of homeopathy, with explanations of all stages of healing with the astonishing remedies of his invention.
This friendly medicine of homeopathy, without side effects, is now 200 years old, and waiting to be used worldwide. Having been used by the royal family of England as well as sophisticated and famous patients who understand the principles, as well as by the very poor in India, today homeopathy is accessible to all.

In the US, this scientific method of healing with the philosophy based on the rule of “LIKE CURES LIKE” and its medicines/remedies, was already well established around the turn of the 20th century.

Dr James Tyler Kent and Sister Chicago, USA , 1910
Dr James Tyler Kent and Sister
Chicago, USA , 1910

Dr. James Tyler Kent in Chicago, whose repertory is as useful today as it was then, and Constantine Herring, a former student of Hahnemann’s in Philadelphia, are among those who helped to establish official teachings. More than a third of all hospitals used homeopathic healing, and several universities had a chair for homeopathy. Until….the discovery of penicillin which was taking over all medical practices. This quick fix, which did not need a lot of diagnostic tools, was easier to administer and achieved convincing cures. The detailed case-taking to find the correct homeopathic remedy was often too time consuming for traditional practitioners. Penicillin was the discovery of the century! It overwhelmed medical thinking and turned the focus to a different direction: to cure the disease rather than the patient. This was the opposite of homeopathy’s goal, where the vital force of each patient is the focus—to stimulate one’s own healing abilities and to create a strong defense mechanism, while, at the same time, controlling the symptoms of dis-ease.
By the 1920s, penicillin had conquered the market, as a new philosophy and attitude for healing diseases took over. Gradually, one by one, the chairs of homeopathy closed down. Homeopathy was abandoned and ridiculed by the medical profession and the legal health system.

Times have changed. This is a time where, despite efforts to suppress the practice of this healing method, it has become clear that the need is greater than ever. It has become known that the suppressive functions of allopathic medicine can have dangerous side effects and that there are limitations to the cures.
King Solomon said: for each ailment there grows a plant to heal.
To create a complementary healing system, where all valuable methods can be integrated, should be the necessary foundation when offering a way to good health!


Clean out your body and your closets for Spring!

Start your morning with the juice of two freshly squeezed lemons or limes, and drink undiluted.
Brush your teeth right after, to protect the lacquer of your teeth. But it surely will help to clean your colon!
After 30 minutes, drink a small glass of freshly juiced kale, carrots and apple, to continue to alkaline your system.

The spring tea:
Boil a few leaves of fresh mint, add a teaspoon of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and brown candied rock sugar or honey.

Enjoy the mild spring rain, the scent of the grass, and the chirping of young birds.

With love,

Your tea whisperer