Autumn Blog: The Year of Meaningful Anniversaries

This year is, for me, the “year of anniversaries,” and cycles of completion. Now I will launch new cycles in the continuum.

It is the 20th anniversary of my foundation, the Kailash Foundation of New York, established to support Tibetan culture and the survival of their people, as well as for the promotion and education of Homeopathy.

It also is the 20th anniversary of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on the island of Alonissos, Greece—a milestone in the history of Homeopathy.
For those of you who would like to learn more about the principles of the valuable and important art and medicine of Homeopathy in a comprehensive version, I highly recommend the latest book by Prof. George Vithoulkas, “The Basic Principles of Homeopathy,” available as an iBook through iTunes or Amazon, or in the Kindle edition via Amazon.

And it is also the 10th anniversary of the transformation into the rainbow body of my beloved husband Rinchen Repa, his worldly name David Kirby.
During my birthday month of September my thoughts are flying to my late companion who was supportive and extremely generous to me and to my foundation. He made me happy on my birthdays with surprise parties and gifts that only a child could dream of. His generous soul and devoted Buddhist mind will live on forever in the talented expressions of his songs and music, his spontaneously created art work, his charismatic charm filled with laughter and witty wisdom, truthfulness and compassion. We all love you, David!

David & Sylvia
David & Sylvia

David’s life is a clear example that one can achieve anything if there is commitment and a focused mind.

From a rhythm and blues musician….to a tantric yogi and lama of the highest degree, with years of solitary retreats in caves and monasteries in Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal…. to a life in New York City as an accomplished teacher of the Buddha dharma…. he was always willing to share his wide range of life experiences with anyone, whether they were close associates, friends, patients, the dry cleaner or the shoe repair guy.

David's fire puja. A fire puja is a powerful method in Buddhist meditation and rituals to remove obstacles in someones life or in the world, it is dedicated to the protection and welfare of all sentient beings.
David’s fire puja. A fire puja is a powerful method in Buddhist meditation and rituals to remove obstacles in someones life or in the world, it is dedicated to the protection and welfare of all sentient beings.

His rich, extraordinary life kept unfolding, even after his death in 2005, when I read about him in a book of Ayurvedic medicine. It was an incredible story about how he survived the actual poisoning that he survived in a very remote mountain village in Nepal. David spent three months in a secluded cave, high up in the snowed-in mountains in solitary retreat where he was purifying his mind and body with Buddhist prayer and rituals in deep meditation. He was living only on tsampa, buckwheat flower, butter tea and “tschulin” pills. (These special small, brown, hard pills are created by monks in the style of Tibetan medicine, empowered and blessed with prayers during the process of making them. They contain many minerals and vitamins that support the life force, while they are simultaneously healing and removing toxicity. They are a life sustaining substance one can live on for a long time.)
When at last coming down from the mountain after completing his retreat, his long hair and frozen beard from the icy cold nights blowing in the wind, his body surrounded by the powerful aura of the intensity, David must have been glowing from his enlightened mind.

The villagers in this remote area believed that if they drank the blood of an enlightened being they would benefit from its power and purity and would ensure them long life. The year was 1985….hard to believe.

David requested a mountain tea in the first village he reached. Word spread quickly about this holy man. The owner of the tea salon did not hesitate, and served David the tea with poisonous elixir! Shortly after the first cup David collapsed into unconsciousness. But it was not yet his time to go! A tourist mountain climber found him sliding off his chair in that tea stall, carried him to a hospital where the doctors knew of the poison and gave him the antidote. He did recover, but the traces of poison damaged his heart valve. Eventually he suffered from a heart condition that led to his premature death twenty years later.

My great grandparents portraits looking down on David's daily teapot in our kitchen
My great grandparents portraits looking down on David’s daily teapot in our kitchen

David remained a great tea lover to the end, and never a day passed without his favorite huge mug of Assam tea!

Therefore my tea recipe for today is:
Assam Mountain Tea
Crush a few leaves of coriander, some slices of ginger, a large spoonful of Assam tea and bring to a boil in a pot.
Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the cup.
Let it steep for a few minutes… and you have your “wake up tea.”

David had told this unusual story many times… but can you imagine my surprise when I read the story a few years later in the book— TIBETAN AYURVEDA, Health Secrets from the Roof of the World, by Robert Sachs, page 129.

There was another time when David thought that he was dying of poisoning from fresh oysters we had just indulged in at a very fancy restaurant when on vacation in Paris. A few hours after dinner in the middle of the night he felt the effects. I rushed to the nearest open pharmacy and purchased the homeopathic remedy
LYCOPODIUM, Club Moss, one of the oldest ferns on the planet. And the number one remedy for fish poisoning, especially oysters. Less than two hours later, after taking the remedy, he wanted to go out for some ice cream… after having just recovered from deadly nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting! It was a great, convincing compliment to the powerful healing abilities of the correct homeopathic remedy. So relieved, I was happy to sit with him in the middle of the night at a Paris café, eating a delicious bowl of ice cream without worries.

For meat poisoning the remedy is: ARSENICUM ALBUM, Arsenious Acid.
But there is always more than one remedy possible for any symptom in our Repertory. Always consult with your homeopath for the perfect choice of the Similimum in each case!

Life is moving forward quickly. Fall is coming. Inhale the crisp air and be aware of each breath, each moment. And love it.

Your tea whisperer,