Call me the Tea Whisperer

In all cultures, spring is celebrated as new beginnings. We can feel it in our bones, lungs, and skin by taking a deep breath and stretching like a cat; filling our lungs with refreshing air and doing a spring cleaning of body, speech and mind. Admire the power of nature that shows us, every year, the miraculous healing of the damages of long, hard, cold winters.

Fresh buds poke their noses out of the finally defrosted earth, surprising us with exhilarating joy to embrace life again…and again.
Rebirth and repetition: the mantra of life. It is up to us to embrace and enjoy, or to suffer and worry….

Take a sip of an aromatic fusion of Cherry Blossom Tea, visualize the sunshine breaking through your tired heart and bones, especially when you have just recovered from a bad cold and bronchitis after all that snow.

I am always amazed by our healing capacities when a painful lingering cough clears up and a deep breath is pain-free again. Luckily I use homeopathic remedies.
With Spongia Tosta, derived from roasted sponge and potentized to become a homeopathic remedy, or Drosera, sundew potentized, or Kali Carbonicum, carbonate of potassium, to mention just a few powerful remedies for whooping cough, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis. With these homeopathic remedies it did not take too long before I could breathe and sleep well again through the night.

Greek Mountain Tea also helped as an inhalation and as tea with a drop of lemon and honey. Elderberry Leaf Tea also, and the homeopathic cough syrup from a mix of low potency cough remedies which can be found in most health food stores.
The spring crop of a great variety of black teas is especially invigorating—Darjeeling from the Himalayan mountains in India, Oolong from Fujian province in China—or from Uji, Japan, where the best Senchas, Gyokuros and Matchas come from, though those will need more time to grow and be ready in the fall.

Call me the “tea whisperer” and read about my personal journeys through the many countries I’ve visited, inspired by teas, their scents, and aromas, and the cultures and intriguing people they reflect. It’s a long journey, almost epic, from my childhood dreams till today. I share about experiences and adventures and the people and friends I’ve made. Never stop dreaming and telling stories over a cup of tea….

In my tea book: Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim, you can find many more practical, inspiring ideas to help all kinds of ailments, teas and recipes which you can store in your home medicine cabinet.
My book is available as an Apple iBook under the heading: travel essays and travel logs.

Happy spring fever. Here’s to new warm experiences!
You can always cool them down with a gentle Cherry Blossom Tea and dark covered chocolate cherries…

With love, from Sylvia