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A wonderful site that explores the joy of tea.

Tea alchemy is the preparation of tea with harmony in mind. It is not something recently created, but has existed in many unique forms ever since the Silk Road brought the tea trade together with Buddhism and the cultures that connected the Mediterranean with Southern and Eastern Asia. Tea alchemy reveals the weaving of the elements and our enjoyment of this tea reveals the great treasure of their gifts, our rightful inheritance.

John Halpern is an internationally acclaimed artist, documentary film maker and spokesperson for the Tibetan situation and their people .

Dana Ullman is a writer, promoter and publisher of homeopathic educational literature. His informative letters on developments in the field of  homeopathy keep you regularly informed about latest books , scientific research , political status and news.  Anyone can subscribe.

Bush medicine Master Wilfred Rolle from Freeport,  Bahamas is an  Herbalist and healer who is always coming up with new healing teas.

Prof George Vithoulkas is a  master homeopath and alternative Nobel prize winner in 1996  for his accomplishments in homeopathy. Prof Vithoulkas is a writer of important books of homeopathy, international teacher of homeopathy and the founder of the International Academy of Homeopathy on the island of Alonissos Sporades, Greece. Prof. Vithoulkas established homeopathy in Greece where it is now legal and taught in universities.

Tibet house is the premier institution in New York since the eighties to inform people about Tibet and Buddhist teachings. Under the guidance of Prof. Robert Thurman Tibetologist  and professor  at Columbia university. Prof Thurman is the founder of MENLA , a center for healing and Buddhist teachings.

Information on homeopathic seminars and developments / research.