Year of the Wind Horse

This is the Year of the Wind Horse in Tibetan and Chinese astrology. It seems that time flies faster than usual, old plans manifest faster… or will be thrown out.

“SWIFT” is a precise word, full of quick decisions and actions. If you want to sell your house, do it this year. Next year, the Year of the Rabbit, nothing will move quite as fast. With that in mind, I refocused on introducing my book, “Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim” to a wider audience.

I am a social person, but social media is still new to me. But with the help of my friends, the book may now reach you through a series of new blogs.

So I resume writing my blogs….the break is over, and I hope you follow me again.

Times have changed so much in the world of printing since I started writing. In a blink, a new world emerged in regards to publishing and my project shuffled. Although I am a person who loves to write with a Mont Blanc fountain pen, I bottled my fear of computer science with the ink, and became inspired by the opportunities of introducing my video clips and galleries of photos of my travels for the new digital book. A very different dimensional book than I ever imagined. And wonderful.

I will be reading to audiences from my dynamic, digital, lively and visually clear book, “Tea and Travels: Life Filled to the Brim,”
Friday, June 20, 2014
at the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art on Staten Island, a cultural treasure.

It must be the energy of the Wind Horse, as I fly over all my fears to present this way. We will also introduce an authentic Butter Tea accompanied by a tasting, made by a Tibetan woman. The summer afternoon will conclude with a meditational prayer to Guru Rinpoche, the second incarnate of Lord Buddha, in the shrine room of the museum.

Please join us at my reading and meditation and an invigorating cup of Butter Tea.


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